Frequently Asked Questions

Other Projects

There are many projects occurring in the South Park vicinity. Are project teams communicating with one another?
There are two other Early Action Areas currently being cleaned up in the South Park vicinity: Boeing Plant 2 ( and Jorgenson Forge ( In addition, the larger Lower Duwamish Waterway cleanup is a Superfund project investigating contamination on five miles of the waterway. These project teams are communicating regularly through both their lead agency (EPA staff and managers) and the responsible party leads (Port, City, King County, Boeing, etc.).

The T-117 project team also communicates regularly with the other design and construction project teams, including those from King County and other City departments, in the area. The primary area of communication is with respect to project schedules and the ability to work around each other while minimizing impacts to the community.

We’ve heard a lot about contamination in the flume that connected the Georgetown Steam Plant to the Lower Duwamish Waterway at Slip 4. Do you know anything about the source of that contamination?
Please visit EPA’s Slip 4 website for information about the Georgetown Steam Plant Flume and Slip 4.