Frequently Asked Questions

Community Involvement and Submitting Comments

In addition to posting information to the T-117 website, how will the community keep informed as well as give input on the design and cleanup?
In addition to up-to-date information during active construction for the City’s Adjacent Streets and Stormwater cleanup phase being posted on the T117 website, the project team will also:

  • Use public meetings and events to provide regular update to communities
  • Use Listservs and mail letters to send updates and information
  • Regularly attend the South Park Neighborhood Association meetings to brief the community on construction activities.

The Seattle City Light Project Manager can be reached here:
   Allison or 206-684-3167

The Environmental Protection Agency Project Manager can be reached here:
   Piper or 206-553-4951

I have additional questions. Who can I contact?
For a current list of managers and staff from the EPA, City of Seattle and Port of Seattle for T-117, please check out the Contact Us tab on the T-117 website.
How do I submit a comment?
The project team encourages your comments on the cleanup at T-117. Please type your comment into this comment form. Alternatively, you can mail your written comment to Piper Peterson, US EPA Region 10, 1200 Sixth Avenue, ECL-111, Seattle, WA 98101, or send an email to We thank you for your continued feedback!